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Anthony Norris - London Personal Trainer

London Personal Trainer

Anthony Norris

As a Personal Fitness Coach for A-Star Fitness, I have a mission… to improve the Health Lifestyle of my community, by teaching innovative fitness techniques. With a background in martial arts and athletics, I have come to appreciate the importance of discipline which has led to my increased flexibility, improved breathing techniques, which I incorporate in my coaching and Training.

I’m a Level 3 REPS qualified London Personal Trainer. Having worked for various commercial gyms, I have worked with  and coached all different types of gym users. The confident gym user, may have done some research of their own regarding different aspects of fitness, which could make them reluctant to use a Fitness Coach. However, I would say to to ALL confident gym users, that all exceptional athletes around the world use or require a coach.  London Personal Trainer

Take World Class tennis player, Novak Djokovic for example. He knows his profession, but got to Number 1 in the world, because of… A Coach or Celebrity Personal Trainers. The same can be said for Jessica Ennis, a World Class talent, who uses a Coach to keep her focused, and improves her skills to the next level.

Outside of the gym, my spare time consists of  career improvement, from learning various martial arts methods to sports body massage. I’m currently learning to cook different dishes from around the world, and in doing so, my mind usually drifts, which  helps me to unwind. Feel free to pass on any cooking tips 😉

London Personal Trainer

London Personal Trainer

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FREE Consultation

Deciding to have a personal trainer can be a challenging task to many who have a goal of either losing weight or getting into shape. To help such ones, A Star Fitness offers a free consultation giving you complete piece of mind when it comes to mapping out your goals and objectives.

Your individual requirements will be discussed, which includes answering any questions you may have, and recommend a plan that will help you achieve your desired goal and results.

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